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Ugo Niccolò

Di Carlo



My name is Ugo Niccolò Di Carlo and I am a postdoctoral researcher in astrophysics at Carnegie Mellon University. Welcome to my webpage! Feel free to contact me if you are curious about anything.

My Research

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh. You can find more info about my research interests below. Here is a cool animation I did that kind of sums up what I do.

Star Cluster Dynamics

I study the complex dynamics of stars in crowded environments, such as young star clusters and open star clusters. I am also interested in nuclear star clusters and globular clusters dynamics. To perform these studies, I use high order direct N-Body simulations.


Gravitational Waves

I study the formation of gravitational wave sources, such as merging black hole binaries. I investigate how different environments and conditions may lead to sources with different properties. I am also interested in the formation of intermediate mass black holes.

Star Cluster Formation

We still don't know much about how star clusters look like as soon as they form. Using complex hydrodynamical simulations I try to address this problem, simulating the collapse of turbulent giant molecular clouds.


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Numerical Simulations

In my research, I adopt a variety of numerical techniques, such as direct summation N-body simulations and smoothed particle hydrodynamics codes. Such techniques enable me to numerically study a variety of different processes and environments. I run my simulations on HPC supercomputers, exploiting both CPUs and GPUs. I like programming and I analyze my simulations with my own codes, mainly written in Python and C++.

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